Then and now - LIBIDO boosters

Male enhancement methods are used since ancient times by men affected by erectile dysfunction or reduced libido. Until recently, there was little distinction between sexual function and desire, so there is no wonder that even since the beginning of time, people have gone above and beyond to use the latest love potions.

Today the ingredients included in the formula of male enhancement products claim to be thoroughly tested, approved by FDA and recommended by doctors.

But, is this really the case? I mean, should you really ingest pills and trust anything that someone tells you to?

The power of human mind can't be equalled. Most of the greatest achievements of mankind have

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Despite the fact that the ingredients used to boost libido presumably scientifically tested, hundreds years ago every food under the sun was considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Whether these items were risky to acquire, they were extremely expensive and rare or these foods resembled genitalia, people really turned on by consuming these items.

How weird is that?

They said that the more exotic, the more erotic. Exotic and rare foods like piranha, truffle, sparrow tongues and even potatoes were appreciated libido boosters a while ago. But even bat blood mixed with whiskey, horns of rhinos, oysters, crushed diamonds, dried beetle bodies, hippopotamus snout, prunes, crocodile dung and hyena eyes were believed to offer increased libido and herder erections.

Saw Palmetto, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng were used by our ancestors for their aphrodisiac properties and numerous clinical studies performed recently proved their efficiency in increasing the sex drive and improving the health of the reproductive system. BUT NOT CHEMICALLY PROCESSED. Natural herbs, taken naturally, directly from nature, YES! But how they work exactly and why are they considered powerful aphrodisiacs?

Saw Palmetto has been eaten by humans for thousands of years because men used it to treat atrophy of the testes, inflammation of the prostate, impotence and reduced libido. Saw Palmetto has been considered a general tonic that nourished the body and even women consumed it because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it increases lactation, it alleviates the pain in menstrual cycles and it was considered to treat underdeveloped breasts. More than 30 scientific clinical studies were performed to demonstrate the efficiency of Saw Palmetto in treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Today this ingredient is used not just to improve the health of the reproductive and urinary systems, but it is also included in supplements that increase libido and treat androgenetic alopecia.

Gingko Biloba has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine because it has numerous health benefits. Besides than increasing libido and improving the health of cardiovascular and nervous systems, Ginkgo Biloba dilates blood vessels and increases the blood flow in the entire body, therefore even to the penile. A constant and steady enhanced blood flow in the penis will make it harder, new cell will develop and the penis will enhance its size. Recent studies show that Ginkgo Biloba treats erectile dysfunction and raises the libido, therefore making men hung and happy.

Ginseng is used by Chinese people for over five thousand years ago to rejuvenate the body. Its health benefits include enhanced sex drive, improved concentration and cognition, it stimulates mental and physical activity, it provides more sexual stamina and it treats erectile dysfunction. Because Ginseng stimulates the blood circulation, it increases the blood flow to the genitals and supports men achieve harder and bigger erections. The fertility is increased, the sexual performance is raised and men gain confidence, since their libido is enhanced and the penis gets enlarged.

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