SizeGenetics components

Penis is a miracle of biological engineering. It has an incredible ability to perform the outstanding task of getting hard and provide sexual satisfaction. Therefore, any procedure of lengthening that could harm it simply is not worth it. That is why SizeGenetics extender has been developed with high-quality resources from the most reliable suppliers to provide you risk-free and efficient results.

Highly engineered components for an effective male enhancement

This product is a cost-effective and safe alternative to expensive enlargement surgical procedures. SizeGenetics device is the result of years of clinical research and tough work. With this system, you enjoy all the benefits of a more pleasurable sexual life and an increased self-confidence through harder and lasting erections without having to experience painful interventions.

SizeGenetics extender is considered at the top of male enhancement treatments for having a Type 1 Medical Device certification. You do not need spare parts since it has been developed with surgical stainless steel and high impact sterile plastic. It has two long traction lift bars that impeccably fit with the axial spring mechanism near the soft silicone holding tube that is adjusted to the base of the penis. Both components provide a solid and yet comfortable support while the apparatus exerts a tensile force over the tissues. This technique activates cellular multiplication leading to an increment of the size of the sexual organ.

The device also includes two pairs of smaller traction lift bars with different lengths, a soft foam ring, and a plastic fastening strap. The printed manual that is distributed together with SizeGenetics parts explains graphically how each component should be placed to ensure an optimal outcome. This penis extender is designed in a way that allows you to use it discretely and comfortably both at night and during the day.

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The fastening strap which is made of white rubber allows you to accommodate the device in 58 different ways so you can find the most suitable for your needs. The stretcher is delivered with a couple of tools to assist you when you want to adjust the lift bars.

SizeGenetics was initially designed to correct penile curvature to treat Peyronie disease. However, it has proven to be useful for every man who wants to enjoy intense sexual encounters through improved performance.

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This device has provided successful outcomes to thousands of satisfied consumers. SizeGenetics is one of the best and most complete male enhancement system. Because it includes additional features, it will potentiate and speed up the result. One of them is an effective exercise routine that assists you on having more control over your ejaculation. These workouts also strengthen penile tissues which in turn will increase the quality of your erections.

The system also includes a spreadsheet where you can document your progress. SizeGenetics scientific team involves dedicated physicians and engineers who have joined efforts to develop this non-invasive mechanism that cooperates with the body to enlarge the penis. Avoid imitations and take advantage of the authentic product by acquiring it from the official website.