Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was conceived to describe the way we collect and handle personal data on It has been designed to assist your choices when dealing with our advertisment, products and services and should be read before buying or engaging in a specific program.

Type of data we collect

Visiting our website there is only one way we can collect personal data - that is through our contact form. Name, address or telephone number fields are absolutely optional and they are filled by our visitors voluntarily, in exchange for the assistance we provide.

Computed data is collected to track our own activity in regards with the ways our users interact with Vimax supplier. This information is collected by our servers via cookies, small text, unharmful files. Please, note: we do not save your telephone number, address or any other personal information unless you require so. All these traffic details are recorded to provide better user experiences in the future and they only serve in our management process and business relationship.

How you opt out

Stats and traffic stored on our servers is handled, as previously noted, with cookies. You could always disable cookies in your browser, regardless your type of device. Your personal data, taken only when you fill our contact page, is regarded as self-willed information, although neither of the fields are required.

How to modify your tracking footprint

You could always ask us to remove your name and info from our database using the website's contact form. Although we do not sell your information to third party companies or partners, we guarantee that your tracking footprint will be indefinitely deleted.

Please note that you should periodically check this page for changes. We take the right to modify and adapt this Privacy Policy according to international and US laws. If you use and continue to read our content, consequently buy Vimax products, you agree with this Privacy Policy and constitutes an acceptance of our terms.