How SizeGenetics works

Men love when women go crazy for them. Although ladies are very emotional creatures, the fact is that when it comes to sex, the only thing that matters is size. Many guys spent their time and money on unsuccessful methods like weights, creams, vacuums and even painful surgical procedures that left them only with regrets. SizeGenetics’ scientific team has developed a non-invasive device that really works enlarging your penis and turning you into an unforgettable lover. Find out how it is transforming the amatory experiences of thousands.

SizeGenetics functions through the principle of traction

Many believe that penis is a big muscle. However, this concept could not be further from the truth. The sexual organ is made of a complex network of tissues of different kinds including arteries and veins. Therefore, increasing the girth and length requires much more than just boosting strength. Cellular development must be stimulated in every component of the structure to achieve an effective male enhancement.

With this deductive knowledge in mind, SizeGenetics experts have designed a mechanism that takes advantage of the capacity of the human body to change and develop under a physical influence. If a part of the organism is exposed to a constant stretching force, cells in such area multiply themselves and result in the increment of the tissue mass. It is the principle of traction, which has been widely employed from ancient times by male members of ancestral tribes who wanted to elongate different anatomic components.

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This scientific principle is clinically proven and is used these days for tissue expansion for the elongation of the bony shaft and to generate skin fabric in plastic surgery. It is gradually and progressively applied through a specialized traction device over the penile structure. In this way, every section of the male sexual organ including corpora cavernosa and suspensory ligaments is enlarged through a natural stimulation.

How does SizeGenetics ensure you safe and efficient results?

With a regular use of SizeGenetics device, most men begin to see results even after the first month. It is important to mention that you must be persistent with the program so it can provide you the outcome you are looking for. This revolutionary system also corrects the curvature of the penis which in many cases is responsible for male impotence. SizeGenetics extender must be allocated when the sexual organ is flaccid. It is advisable to start the treatment with a traction force of 700g for around 5 hours every day. You take a break whenever you want.

It is worth saying that this device is not designed for improvisations. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the system, you must follow the instructions correctly. A development of at least half a centimeter can be achieved after the first month. However, there are customers who have evidenced an increment of even 8 cm after 3 months, due to the cumulative nature of the results. The time of use will be defined by the improvement you want to achieve. Order your supply from SizeGenetics store and get the male enhancement you always wanted.